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date : 11-04-21 10:20
Register before the meeting (at On-site Registration Fee) - available until May 15, 2011
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Dear Participants of IDMC2011,

Now, the Pre-registration has been closed.
Thanks for your interest to the IDMC2011.

If you missed the pre-registration period, hope you register before the meeting (at On-site Registration Fee) before May 15, 2011. After May 15, only on-site registration is available.

Registration before the meeting is helpful for expediting the process of finding your meeting back containing your name plate, meal coupon, proceeding book, and complementary meeting gifts. 
 Moreover, it will be helpful for our organizing committee to prepare for the meeting in advance.

We are looking forward to seeing you all in blooming May.

IDMC2011 Organizing Committee Secretariat